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Yrs 5/6


  • Self-esteem empowers self-determination
  • Change is normal healthy and manageable
  • Sexual activity has emotional and physical risks
  • Sexual intercourse is an adult behaviour
  • Monogamy is the ‘safest sex’


  • Development of self-worth and personal values
  • Appreciation of the amazing process of human reproduction
  • Preparation for the coming changes associated with puberty
  • Awareness of the impacts of casual sexual activity
  • Confidence in the physical and emotional safety of monogamy


  • Conception and fetal development – Narratable fast forward video depiction (12wk fetal models available)
  • Human biology at the cellular level – Cells, chromosomes, genes, DNA.  
  • Uniqueness – The necessary alignments and the odds associated with our own conception.
  • Genetic characteristics that make us special – Avoiding peer pressure to conform – Dress up activity.
  • Reproductive organs and their function (lifesize 3D models available) – The reproductive act explained.
  • Physical and emotional changes associated with puberty – Interactive card game.
  • Students’ key life goals shared – Casual sex and the life impacts of unplanned pregnancy.
  • The physical risks of STIs and how they are transmitted.
  • The coming transition into young adulthood recognised and celebrated – ‘Rite of Passage’ wristband craft.
  • Reminder of having a unique and unrepeatable identity – ID card activity
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