Research relating abortion to negative mental health outcomes is

Abortion is consistently promoted to women as being risk free and guilt free. Possible negative
emotional outcomes are not acknowledged at all, in fact they are denied by many in powerful
medical and political positions. And so women are not FULLY INFORMED and are guided towards a
decision from which many continue to emerge broken and damaged by their abortion experience
and desperately in need of help to overcome their grief and suffering.



Vitally needed support is no where to be found as the reality of their regret is denied by abortion
supporters and left unaddressed by those who are against abortion or even undecided. Either way,
these women are struggling all on their own. This session will acknowledge their pain and offer non
judgemental compassion and a way towards wholeness and healing.

ABORTION TRAUMA & RECOVERY presentation is conducted by experienced facilitators:

Session includes Q&A

90min Session

– Supporting research and studies
– Risk factors
– Cultural norms
– Coerced abortions
– Levels of denial
– Healing is feeling
– eMerge & forgiveness
– Grief

– Symptoms & Triggers
– Self sabotage & punishment
– Jesus and restoration

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