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beREADY student programs are comprised of preventative and protective information addressing the array of issues associated with sexual health, behaviour and relationships specifically designed for youth.


beREADY programs have previously been presented in SA schools to thousands of students for the past 10 years. The content has been proven to be enjoyed, appreciated and valued by youth providing excellent ratings year after year at all year levels. Teachers have also consistently expressed their high regard for these programs and their effectiveness at engaging and educating their students. They are now available direct.

Age-appropriate program manuals for yrs 5-12.


Thought provoking, engaging, interative.


Worksheets, videos, models, training.

Addressing such issues as sexual health, relationships, mainstream media, peer pressure and pornography beREADY recognises that these obstacles require factual information, strategies and incentives in order to be safely navigated.

beREADY also adopts the latest research which suggests that emphasis on ‘sexual risk avoidance’ rather than simply ‘sexual risk reduction’ is the most effective educational approach to these high risk issues.

beREADY is highly effective in that it enables educators to engage with students in an entertaining way whilst simultaneously imparting vitally important information. Comfort levels should be assessed and separate male and female sessions organised if preferred or when the content is gender specific.

Premature sexual exposure is harmful to children and is a form of child sexual abuse.
Our hypersexualised culture, media and rapidly changing education system are introducing children to sexually explicit material and information at younger and younger ages. Parents need to be aware, informed and engaged, imparting their own standards and beliefs to their children before others do, especially online.

beREADY strongly recommends that sexual intercourse be explained by year 5 or 6.
Our material addresses the very significant need for our youth to safeguard their hearts and minds was well as their physical health. It focuses on their absolute ability to aspire to safer, more fulfilling ideals that stem from fortified confidence and a strong sense of value and self-worth.


Factual foundations and awareness

LEVEL 1 – YRS 5/6    LEVEL 2 – YRS 6/7

Sexual risks & healthy relationships

LEVEL 1 – YRS 7/8    LEVEL 3 – YRS 9/10
LEVEL 2 – YRS 8/9    LEVEL 4 – YRS 10-12

Sexting and pornography

LEVEL 1 – YRS 8-10    LEVEL 2 – YRS 11/12

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