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‘The beREADY program is a great way to expose teenagers, in a non-threatening environment, to the topic of sex. The program is age appropriate, being tailored to the issues that are prevalent to teenagers in the twenty-first century. I would recommend this program to any school that is wanting to be proactive in educating teenagers in sex, STIs, contraception etc.’

‘We have utilised the beREADY programs since 2006. We are currently running the program for all Yr 7-11 students across two campuses. We have found that this program effectively encourages and equips our students towards making good life choices in the areas of friendships and relationships. This program compliments our Health and Physical Education curriculum and allows students a small group forum in which they can discuss life issues that may not be so freely discussed in a whole class context. The program is highly interactive and engaging.’

‘We have utilised the beREADY programs for several years. The students find it is very helpful and often enlightening, helps them to really be empowered to make correct decisions based on fact as well as really assisting them to gain knowledge and develop their self esteem. Students in all year levels are encouraged to provide feedback, and it has always been very positive.’

‘I love the program given that it contextualises sex within relationships and decisions. Our students have really responded well to it and I hope to keep it going.’

‘Excellent program! Unique activities that the students were able to relate to easily.’

‘Another awesome day of presentations with the new program. What I saw looked great!!’



What did you find interesting?

  • ‘I found lots of things interesting, especially the video.’
  • ‘I learned that sex is a special moment for a man and a woman.’
  • ‘The ladder with the different steps.’
  • ‘Talking, chocolate, puzzle.’

What was the most valuable thing you learned?

  • ‘To take my time. I shouldn’t be pressured to something I don’t want to.’
  • ‘Sex is an important moment that should not be wasted.’
  • ‘How to control ourselves in these situations.’
  • ‘Not to let media or movies or TV INFLUENCE you.’


What did you find interesting?

  • ‘Thinking about all the important things in relationships and what matters most/’
  • ‘The comic. The conversation about feelings. Making my ‘dream boy’
  • ‘In the games, how they were fun but had meaning.’

What was the most valuable thing you learned?

  • ‘I learnt that I should cherish who a guy is not just his looks.’
  • ‘That we have the right to say no.’
  • ‘That I wasn’t the only one who felt like I didn’t know anything (much).’
  • ‘That LOVE means meaningful commitment and that our emotions are mixed.’


What did you find interesting?

  • ‘The statistics, movie…’
  • ‘The whole thing, very factual.’
  • ‘The risks of sex: infections & pregnancy.’
  • ‘The extreme prevalence of STIs in today’s society.’

What was the most valuable thing you learned?

  • ‘About knowing if you actually love the person, not just feeling like you do.’
  • ‘That you can have fun without sex.’
  • ‘Contraception effectiveness.’
  • ‘That the diseases that you can get are much more common than I thought.’


What did you find interesting?

  • ‘I liked the Sam and Crystal story and how it was positive rather than negative.’
  • ‘How straight forward, interactive, fun & easily comprehensible the course was.’
  • ‘I found the beginning ‘bachelorette’ game interesting and honest. I thought it was good how it was fun, but at the same time was probably confronting for some people.’
  • ‘I found information about the STIs interesting and the statistics relevant, and they really hit it home to me about the consequences of having sex.’

What was the most valuable thing you learned?

  • ‘That STIs often do not show symptoms. That they can be passed on through intimate touching.’
  • ‘That you should think your decisions all the way through.’
  • ‘I enjoyed the fact that it was private and more personal than with a larger group. It meant questions could be answered more personally and in depth.’
  • ‘To keep the values I have as a person and not be tempted by others.’


The disclosure of age-appropriate information is a prime consideration with young children in regards to sex education and for this reason beGINNINGS is divided into two separate levels and recommended for the following age groups:

Level 1 – Years 5 or 6     &     Level 2 – Years 6 or 7

Both programs tactfully and meaningfully address the benefits of wise sexual health choices and warn of the consequences of risk-taking behaviour.





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