The intention of the women’s liberation movement of the 60s was
to achieve better treatment and greater equality for women.

Although much was achieved in regard to employment opportunities, equal pay and gender
discrimination the more radical arm of the ‘womens liberation’ movement popularised the idea
that women’s political inequality had equally important personal ramifications encompassing their
relationships, sexuality, birth control and abortion, clothing and body image, and roles in marriage.
The long term consequences for women are many and warrant serious consideration.



Important knowledge about relationships and sexual health are lacking amongst women today.
Despite being well educated on other matters, females and males are far from FULLY INFORMED
about vital aspects of their sexual behaviour and choices. The importance of wise and
knowledgeable decision making has never been more critical for both physical and mental health.

THE 60s SEXUAL SLIDE presentation is conducted by experienced facilitators:

Session includes Q&A

90min Session

– From the Pill to Transgenderism
– The downward Spiral
– Dismantling the deception
– Respect for women – Then vs Now
– Who’s behind the Lie?
– Considering an upward spiral
– Only the Truth sets you free

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