To Provide


Protective sexual health education for use by schools, home schoolers and youth group leaders for children and youth from years 5-12.


Educational and practical resources for church and faith leaders to inspire and engage their people in support of life.

Fully Informed

Facilitated presentations for adults and youth in churches that address current cultural issues relating to human sexuality.

beREADY programs address the array of physical and emotional issues associated with intimate relationships and sexual activity.

The beREADY logo stands for:

       be: Respected
      be: Equipped
be: Aware
        be: Discerning
    be: Yourself

The values underpinning beREADY are:

  1. Respect for the value of human life and healthy relationships
  2. Acknowledgment of monogamy as the safest option for sexual intimacy and within the context of marriage.
  3. Promotion of the safest sexual and reproductive health for human flourishing.



beREADY supports the 2009 DECS principles of international and national best practices underpinning personal and social development curriculum to:

  • Include the development of lifelong skills, the acquisition of knowledge and skills that empower young people to make informed, safe and responsible decisions about their health and well-being.
  • Offer a positive view of relationships in the context of respect and love and are sensitive and responsive to the needs and issues of children and students.
  • Encourage young people not to be sexually active

(quoted by Deputy Chief Executive, Schools and Children’s Services 2009)

The content of the beREADY student programs is non-explicit and intended to specifically provide protective and preventative information regarding sexual health.

Sexual Orientation & Gender

As beREADY focuses on the fact that casual intimate sexual activity of any kind can include the risk of physical and emotional harm it is therefore relevant for all teens regardless of sexual orientation. The protective content and information is relatable without the necessity to specifically address students’ personal sexual attractions. The only exception is the subject of unplanned pregnancy (in relation to same sex attraction), however this is considered to be essential subject matter for the vast majority of students.

Whilst recognising that our present society accepts a diversity of sexual relationships, the stories and activities in the beREADY programs portray heterosexual relationships being relevant for the vast majority students and giving opportunity to address such issues as unplanned pregnancy and gender discrimination [sexting, pornography etc].

Gender issues are addressed in respect to physical development, DNA and hormonal influences and also in regards to empowerment, coercion, inequality, male and female gender spectrums and differing outcomes (eg pregnancy). Gender identity is seen as inextricably attached to biological sex.

beREADY is focused primarily on addressing healthy relationship decision making, with emphasis on the associated physical, emotional and relational risks and benefits. It is not intended to cover sexual rights, sexual orientation or gender diversity.



The purpose for Hearts 4 Life is to provide churches and faith organisations with

  • resources to educate their leaders and people about the value of human life according to the Word of God and the importance of preserving that intrinsic and unique value despite cultural trends.
  • supported outreach methods that reflect their desire and calling to embace the broken-hearted and those in trouble with non-judgement love and care
  • connections to resources to help them practically assist the ‘widows and the fatherless’ in difficult circumstances and be encouraged to embrace life and flourish in their roles as mothers.
  • inspiration to be engaged in the work of supporting life, protecting children and safeguarding families.

Hearts 4 Life’s intention is to connect churches to organisations who have developed resources and methods that will enhance their ability to be involved in promoting, supporting and defending the value of life in a number of different ways.



Fully Informed has been developed to assist churches and faith-based organisation address the current social issues directly affecting the sexual health and relationships of those in their congregations, their children, and the broader community.

It is intended to provide factual education about cultural changes, shifting social norms and changing laws, so that they are equipped to make fully informed decisions about their own families and be enabled to regard societal stigmas with more enhanced understanding.

Fully Informed is also intended to assist parents in protecting their children and their familial values, as well as those derived from their faith. It is intended to address an obvious lack of knowledge pervading the church about these social issues and their consequences.

Fully Informed is intended to inspire parents to be alert to the impact today’s values can have on their children and to help them to understand the different world in which they are being educated and raised.

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