In relation to gender, our culture has now introduced brand new definitions,
new interpretations, new concepts, new words and new language.

In the name of liberated progression our government, education, health and social systems have
radically changed. Freedom of expression and self determination are now unrestrained and it has
become difficult to debate or question this change in the public square. And yet on an intellectual
and logical level it must be. Truth is being challenged by prominent powers and it is essentially
God’s truth that is being rapidly discarded.



Awareness of the changes that are taking place that are directly affecting our children and our
families is imperative. To be FULLY INFORMED is to be equipped and prepared to be discerning
about how to protect our fundamental beliefs and to determine an appropriate response. Gender
Dysphoria is a real affliction. Transgenderism is an ideology and current cultural phenomenon.

TRANSGENDERISM presentation is conducted by experienced facilitators:

Session includes Q&A

90min Session

– New terms and definitions
– What is a woman
– New political truths
– Transitioning
– Gender Dysphoria
– Social & Cultural contagion
– Distraught parents & Detransitioners
– SA Education Dept guidelines
– Conversion therapy laws
– God & our true identity

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