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30 ‘My Unique ID’ Cards and Pouches – PURCHASE

$27.50 incl. GST

  • 30 credit card sized ID cards
  • 30 clear plastic pouches
  • 2 x A5 display cards providing ideas for drawing their faces onto their thumbprints
  • Option of 6 mini stamp pads

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A take-home item to remind students of their intrinsic worth and absolute uniqueness. To identify any genetic ‘quirks’ they have inherited themselves from parents or grandparents.

  • This is an activity that can be done in conjunction with DNA uniqueness to remind students of how incredibly special they are.
  • Students place thumbprints onto their ‘Unique ID’ cards and add features that they think resemble their own faces.
  • As part of DNA discussion the ID card also provides space to identify any genetic ‘quirks’ (physical anomalies, unique unlearned mannerisms) they have inherited from parents or grandparents.


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