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27 Key Goals Keyrings – PURCHASE

$33.00 incl. GST

  • Random sizes included, average 4mm x 5mm
  • Large selection of tags attached to keyrings
  • Laminated with split rings and ornate antique keys

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From a large selection of keyrings with pictures of various life goals, a few volunteer students are asked to select the one that they personally would like to achieve in their life.

The intention of this activity is to create awareness in students that goals or ambitions that they may have for their lives do not ‘just happen’. They require planning, discipline, commitment and firm boundaries.

Discussion of the paths that must be pursued and the obstacles that can obstruct or even destroy their selected goals can be used to lead into the particular risks, setbacks or detours that can result from having sex before marriage or a committed long-term relationship.

This activity is intended to ensure that students are aware right from the beginning that sex is essentially a reproductive act and even if that is not the intention, it still includes that risk. It presents the opportunity to discuss the basic function of contraception and to warn that there is no 100% failsafe method.

STIs and how they are transmitted can be included in discussion as well as the impact of emotional hurt that can result from casual sexual activity.

The objective is for students to know how to avoid experiencing an unplanned pregnancy or ever contracting an STI by practising the safest form of sexual health, monogamy.


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