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6 Fetal Development Models
– HIRE per week

$44.00 incl. GST

Sized from: 9cms x 10cms to 14cms x 24cm [with or without stands]
6 x fetal development models in the womb from 6wks to 20wks.

  • All HIRE items must be returned in the same condition in which they were received. In the case of any damage or destruction,  the cost of repairs or replacement will be born by the Hirer. See Terms & Conditions.
  • All HIRE items are for collection only [or by negotiated delivery where possible] and are therefore limited to South Australian customers only.

The different stages of pregnancy and fetal development are shown in this life-size set of models at 6weeks, 8weeks, 12weeks, 16weeks (including model of twins) and 20weeks gestation.

The babies greater than 12weeks can be removed and carefully examined noting ‘head-down’ positioning vs ‘breach’, and also the location of the umbilical cord in relation to the placenta, from where nourishment is received and waste products removed.

Details depiction includes: the placenta, umbilical cord, lining of the womb, cervix and top of the vaginal canal.

Booking Service

– Please indicate the date and time you would like to start using the HIRE equipment.
– We will be in contact with you to confirm equipment availability and duration of hire.


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